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'953 Patent Issue Update

On Monday, March 24th the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) ruled in the re-examination appeal on the '953 patent at issue in the Axcess vs. Savi Technologies case. The PTAB ruled against us. The Axcess Board is now reviewing the options, but both counsel and the Company continue to believe our case is strong. Also on Monday, March 24th, Axcess Counsel filed our Appellant's Brief in our appeal re: the Axcess vs. Baker & Botts LLP case. Following the opposition's response, an affirmative decision will lead to a hearing and ruling by the Court.

Notice to Investors

Please provide your current contact information to allang@axcessinc.com. The State of Delaware requires periodic contact with investors or shareholdings become subject to escheatment. Axcess works with the State of Delaware to try to mitigate this. Also, up to date contact information facilitates news on the latest offerings.

Appearance before USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Axcess is scheduled to appear before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board on November 5, 2014 regarding the re-exam of the Axcess '953 patent. The '953 patent is the central patent in Axcess' claim against Savi Technologies for infringement.

Axcess Appeals Baker & Botts ruling

Learn more: Plaintiff's Motion for Judgment

Update on Baker Botts Litigation

On Thursday, May 15th, the jury found the law firm Baker Botts negligent for $40.53 million in Axcess' malpractice suit against them for representing Savi Technologies and Axcess in patent prosecution work at the same time. However, the Court had previously issued Directed Verdicts based on a Dallas Appeals Court case where the claims of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty were combined into the negligence claim where the limitation on the time for filing suit is 2 years. The jury found the harm should have ended in 2007, one year too early for the statute to enable Axcess to recover damages.

New mailing address for Axcess International Inc.

Axcess International Inc.
P.O. Box 2803
Addison, TX 75001

USPTO Update

On October 25th, Axcess submitted a Notice of Appeal to the USPTO regarding the "953" patent currently in the re-exam process. The Notice is the next step following the USPTO's response to Axcess' Final Office Action response, and continues the process of challenging the rejection of claims of the 953 patent.

Update - SEC Administrative Proceeding

The SEC's Order toward Axcess International is available via this link:

SEC Order

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